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The Victims of Fame - Freak with a Contract

Dec. 1st, 2004 03:13 am The Victims of Fame

We all have the capacity to fall for the allures of fame and fortune. Elevated from the innocent hopes of the “American Dream” stands the illusion of immortality which accompanies the lofty aspirations for money, power and fame. Unfortunately, fame can play a devastating role in relationships. At first, the American sucker feels the beginning euphoric effects stemming from a little bit of notoriety or large cash profits. It acts like a drug seeping deep into the veins and covering the heart and brain. After that, he only wants more. Once he, or she for that matter, has tasted the splendors of fame, he will stop at nothing to get more and to be on top. Nothing will get in his way and he is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone. The desire for recognition is so powerful that it can drive some people into depression, drugs and even insane asylums. This kind of behavior is perfectly exhibited in Hollywood as well as in mainstream corporate America and the political forum.

There are always numerous victims on any one person’s jaunt to fame. The two most important are the ones they love and themselves. They, themselves, become victim to their own lust because they happen to forget who they really are and what they really want in life. They are blinded by the riches they can have immediately and their priorities change. Infamy has shown its toll on many superstars such as Madonna. Years after she published the dirtiest coffee table book in America she was found distancing herself from the book and desiring children. So fervent was her desire to have children and a normal relationship, values which have escaped her in the past, that she actually did end up with children and managed to write a children’s book. Even with her passion for infamy there was still a side of her that sought after that conventional life with good old-fashioned values. Her return to normalcy was short-lived after her romantic kiss with Britney Spears shocked the world. Again, Madonna was clamoring for the attention from the spotlight.

The people they love are the next victims on the list. When people have money, power and fame they can buy just about anything. They can buy people, women and sex. We have seen many instances when the suddenly famous man leaves his wife of twenty years to have an elite affair with a six foot tall blond from Sweden. That story has been told since the birth of Hollywood. The fact that the powerful always seem to fall into the arms of steamy extramarital affairs is because power makes the impressionable person feel as if he can do whatever he wants. Moreover, his old values of family and home have become superceded by the overwhelming desire to achieve. Because power and success is always measured by comparison to another, it is never fully achieved and therefore a vicious cycle is created.

The sequence begins with the rich and powerful frequenting a few gentlemen’s clubs, unbeknownst to the spouse at home. It seems innocent enough. But soon, the excitement of the clubs is not enough and perhaps more money is exchanged for some sensual play. Eventually, that becomes not enough as well. From there we move on to affairs and divorces. The increasing strength and aspirations of the powerful cause him to keep searching for the BBD (bigger better deal). However, because there will always be a BBD somewhere, that person will never really be satisfied. This is why it becomes important to understand how fame and fortune affects relationships.

The problem lies with losing sight of who you really are and your values, especially concerning the relationships you have with loved ones, because you may have become obsessed with having more and more. It is honorable for people to want to achieve and have high standards. Those high standards are what make this country so fabulous. But come on back down to earth. There is no need to stomp on the little people, and a bleach blonde model thirty years younger can only look so good for so long. The relationships you are in now with loved ones are the ones that have helped you on your way to great success. In the end, they will be all you will ever need to maintain lifelong happiness.

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Date:December 9th, 2004 03:53 pm (UTC)
hi. im sure you get this all the time, but i thought id give it a shot. i think your *how to get ur ex back* book is an awesome idea and believe me, id buy it. i really dont have the money right now though, im outta work till jan cuz i had surgery. umm i was wondering if you could tell me some of the secrets in your book? if not i guess thats okay too, email me at cherrixkisses69@yahoo.com and tell me okay? thanks

Date:February 2nd, 2005 05:56 am (UTC)

no problem

Just go to my website (www.advicediva.com) and email me. I help people out for free! :-)
Date:December 14th, 2004 09:26 pm (UTC)
i love the way you write! i'm an aspiring writer myself. it's so refreshing to see that your words are so honest and insightful. i went through a relationship that ended as a result of EXACTLY what you're talking about--the need for more and more. maybe we could swap stories! would you mind if i added you to my friends list?
Date:December 14th, 2004 09:33 pm (UTC)

Thank you!

That was so sweet! I don't mind at all if you add me to your friends list. I will add you right back!

Believe me.....I have many many many stories! Don't we all? ha!